Exact Time — Now

Winter 2018


Traditional cityscapes… Slow down the running days, mute the roar of a big city, the rustle of tires, the swish of thousands of steps, street lights; delete streams of cars and hurrying crowds of people. Remove obvious signs of the present time from the image – layer after layer, as if you are peeling an onion, but not to the core. You will be left with outlines of buildings, silhouettes of bridges, paved embankments of the Moskva and the Yauza rivers. Empty spaces, a formula, an abstract scene. And from somewhere an old radio voice is heard: “Moscow is calling. This is a time signal broadcast.”


Tri-color gum bichromate


Canson Moulin du Roy watercolor paper, cold press


Size 33 cm x 25 cm (12.9" x  9.8")

© Maria Vinogradova 2017